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Daily Talker: Tribal Custody Battle

A custody battle in California is making headlines across the country. On Monday, a 6-year-old girl was removed from the foster home she's lived in since she was two years old. Lexi cried and screamed, "I want to stay," as Los Angeles County social workers whisked her away. Her foster mother screamed, "Lexi I love you!" Her foster parents lost a nearly four-year legal battle over adopting Lexi.  The little girl was taken under the federal Indian Child Welfare Act that works to keep Native American children with their tribal relatives. Lexi's father is a Native American and she will now be placed with his relatives in Utah. The couple are not Native Americans, but they are related to Lexi's father through marriage. Lexi's sister already lives with them. Another sister will be living down the street. These people aren't complete strangers. The Utah family have reportedly been trading messages and visits with Lexi for three years. Lexi's court-appointed legal representative says, "the law is very clear that siblings should be kept together whenever they can be, and they should be placed together even if they were not initially together."                          What do you think?

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