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Daily Talker: Town Looking For Families

One Massachusetts town has a message for families: Move here! The picturesque Cape Ann town of Rockport has hired a PR firm to help bring young families to the area. Town officials say a lot of people buy second homes in Rockport, but they want the community to be full year-round. They say families should consider the area for its award-winning schools, thriving downtown and its natural beauty. Town officials say it is affordable. At least by eastern Massachusetts standards. According to the Warren Group, Rockport's median home price rose 10 percent in 2015 to $475,000. They worry people don't consider Rockport because they think it is too out of the way. They say Rockport is right off Route 128 and has its own commuter rail service. One resident saying you can easily get to Boston on the train in an hour. What do you think of Rockport's PR campaign to bring families to the area? Do you think it will work?

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