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Daily Talker: Show's Over At Colonial Theatre?

The final scheduled performance at the 115-year-old Colonial Theatre was held last night as the future of the famed theater remains unclear.

Last week, the Globe reported that Emerson College, which owns the theater, planned to convert the playhouse into a college dining hall and performance space as part of what's being referred to as the Colonial Student Center.

The school's three-year contract with Citi Performing Arts Center ended on Sunday, the school said in a statement, and officials earlier told the Globe that no final decision has been reached on the building's future.

The news has not sit well with students, fans, and many who want to see the theater preserved.

Outside of last night's "The Book of Mormon" performance, protesters wore "Save the Colonial" buttons.  An online petition set up by the Emerson College Community has more than 4,000 supporters.

What do you think should happen to the Colonial Theatre?

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