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Daily Talker: Should Mass. Move To Atlantic Time Zone?

BOSTON (CBS) - This weekend we spring ahead and lose an hour of sleep.

One New England lawmaker says, "Once we spring forward, I don't want to fall back."

Rhode Island State Rep. Blake Filippi wants the entire region to shift one hour eastward into the Atlantic Time Zone.

The Block Island independent says, "Pretty much everyone I speak to would rather have it light in the evening than light first thing in the morning."

Shifting to Atlantic Time and never changing back would make summertime daylight saving hours permanent.

Rep. Filippi made a public health case for his bill at a hearing this week. He claims evening commutes would be safer with more sunlight and wintertime lifestyles and mental health could improve.

Rep. Filippi says one major downfall would be children going to school in the dark.

His bill was inspired by legislation proposed here in Massachusetts. The bill proposed last fall would study the "practical, economic, fiscal and health related impacts of changing the Massachusetts time zone from the Eastern Time Zone to the Atlantic Time Zone."

If passed, a committee of lawmakers would study the potential change and report back with their findings in 2017.

What do you think? Should Massachusetts abolish daylight saving time? Should the state switch time zones?


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