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Daily Talker: New Safety Measures At Fenway

The Red Sox home opener is just three days away. The Sox will host the Orioles on Monday. Before fans pour into Fenway, Mayor Marty Walsh will get a special tour. Walsh will get a closer look at the enhancements made to the ballpark in the off-season. That includes new safety netting that stretches from dugout to dugout. Its goal is to protect fans from bats and balls. Two women were hurt at Fenway last year. Tonya Carpenter  was hit by a broken bat last June. She was hospitalized with serious injuries and then moved to a rehabilitation facility. In July, Stephanie Wapenski was hit in the face with a ball. She suffered a concussion and ended up with about 40 stitches. After the injuries to fans last year, Major League Baseball ordered all ballparks to undergo safety renovations. What do you think of the new safety netting? Will it work? Will it ruin the view of the game? Do you feel safer? Does it change your plans for going to the park?

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