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Daily Talker: High School Survey


A new survey out today is causing concern among educators and researchers regarding the emotional state of high school students in the U.S.

Researchers distributed an online questionnaire that featured the question: "How do you currently feel in school?" followed by three blank spaces.  More than 22,000 students were sampled.

The top three feelings were "tired", "stressed", and "bored".

The survey was conducted by the Yale University Department of Psychology and director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

"I think they point to the fact that we need to be attending to the feelings of our nation's youth," researcher Marc Brackett said.

"Unless what they're learning is engaging and interesting, they're going to be bored— the boredom is related to the quality of instruction.  It's a shame that much of our nation's education system is not focused on helping kids figure out their own goals, but rather (on) a standardized curriculum".

What do you think of a new survey that shows most American high school students feel "tired", "stressed", or "bored"?

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