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Daily Talker: Fighting For Legroom

Fighting for legroom. Your comfort may be up in the air as airlines shrink seats to fit more passengers. Now Senator Charles Schumer is saying enough is enough. The New York democrat says he will file a bill requiring the Federal Aviation Administration to guarantee minimum legroom and seat size for airline passengers. Sen. Schumer says the average distance between rows of seats has dropped from 35 inches in the '70s to today's average of 31 inches. The width of a seat has been cut from 18.5 inches in the '90s to 17 inches today. Sen. Schumer says it is unfair for airlines to charge passengers more money for seats with extra legroom that were once standard.

What do you think? Should airlines be mandated to guarantee a certain amount of room for each passenger? Or should the government stay out of the airlines' business?

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