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Daily Talker: Fast Food Restaurant Issues Challenge To Customers

A popular fast food chain is issuing a challenge to customers. Chick-fil-A wants you to put down your phones. If you can do it, you get free ice cream.

The idea came from a Chick-fil-A operator in Georgia. Now more than 150 locations are offering the challenge. When you sit down you'll see a small, square box on the table that's been called the "Cell Phone Coop." Diners are instructed to put their cell phones on silent and put them inside the Coop. If they stay in there for the entire meal, everyone gets an "Icedream" treat. The goal is to get families who are dining at the restaurants to spend quality time together.

In a post on Chick-fil-A's website, the creator said the challenge is really taking off. "We have families who aren't successful the first time and come back to try again… We even have people asking to take the boxes home with them!"

What do you think of this challenge? Would you and your family try it? Would you succeed?

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