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Daily Talker: Can Money Buy Happiness?

They say money can't buy happiness. But new research says it can! It just depends on what you buy. Researchers in the UK looked at nearly 77,000 bank transactions. They found people who spent money on things that suited their personality traits were more satisfied with life. The five big traits they focused on are openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. So, what kind of things should you buy? If you're open, you should spend your money on entertainment, hair and beauty. If you're conscientious, health, fitness and home insurance will make you happier. If you're extroverted, spend your money on entertainment and travel. If you're agreeable, spending money on your pets or giving to charity will make you happier. And if you're neurotic, gambling and paying off traffic fines will satisfy you. What do you think? Can money buy happiness? Does buying certain items make you happy? What are they?

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