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Daily Talker: Brushing With Charcoal?


There is a new way to clean your teeth.


Real, activated charcoal is packaged as a powder that you apply to your tooth brush.

The powder is very gritty, and its makers say it can help remove stains. A Texas woman said she heard about it on Pinterest and agreed to give it a try. She said it made her teeth feel fresh and clean.

"Right out of the dentist, when you just eat a really crisp apple and your teeth just feel good."

The product is called InVitamin and goes for $12 on Amazon.

It is not advertised as a teeth-whitening product. The product tested by the woman does not have an American Dental Association stamp of approval but the company said there are studies proving the product is safe.

It's recommended that you consult your dentist before trying it.

Would you try charcoal to whiten your teeth?

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