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Buy Or Sell: Is Carmelo Anthony A 'Valuable Commodity' For The Celtics?

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was a Game of Jones Monday on the Adam Jones Show in Nick Cattles' first day on the program. They covered buzzing topics in the NFL and NBA, including an uncertain future for the Patriots and certain players and coaches.

The questions, and Jones' answers, are below.

Buy or sell: Peyton Manning as a GM in the NFL

"I buy it, and I don't know if it's quite in the GM role but as that 'football czar,' that overseer of everything," said Jones. "Could he come in for the Colts or wherever else and be the guy who oversees the general idea of what you want to do, how you want to play? And then hire good personnel people beneath him to fill in those gaps? And he could deal with being the face that can help sell the franchise to free agents and things like that? I buy that he can be that."

Buy or sell: Carmelo Anthony as a "valuable commodity" for a trade

"I buy it, and when I say 'valuable commodity,' I mean to the Celtics," said Jones. "I'm interested in Carmelo Anthony, at the right price. ... I would not give up a Nets pick for him and I wouldn't give up more than one of the following: [Avery] Bradley, [Jae] Crowder, [Jaylen] Brown, or [Marcus] Smart. I give them one of those guys and one of the Celtics' picks to get Carmelo Anthony."

Buy or sell: Dont'a Hightower staying in New England

"I buy it short-term. Long-term, who the hell knows?" asked Jones. "In New England guys, unless they're named Tom Brady, get kicked to the curb all the time. But short-term yeah, he's going to be here next year. I hope it's a long-term extension and it's not that franchise tag. ... The Patriots shouldn't play hardball with Dont'a Hightower."

Buy or sell: Chip Kelly joining the Patriots' coaching staff

"I buy it. I love Chip. I love me some Chip Kelly," said Jones. "And if they brought him in as a replacement for Josh McDaniels long-term ... I would be OK with that. I think the guy was a good coach in Philadelphia who got run out of town, not for coaching reasons ... I think the guy can coach."

Buy or sell: A legitimate beef between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant

"I sell it as a little lame on Westbrook's part. He's just taking it too far," said Jones. "'Hey, don't shake his hand after the game.' That is taking it too far for Westbrook. ... I sell it as a real beef. It feels to me like, yeah there's some bad blood, but Durant's pretty much over it. Pretty much everyone's over it except for Westbrook."


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