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Buy Or Sell: Are The Texans The Worst Patriots Playoff Opponent Ever?

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was a "Buy Or Sell" Monday with Adam Jones and Tim McKone on 98.5 The Sports Hub. Among the questions: are the 2016 Houston Texans the worst opponent that the Patriots have ever faced in the playoffs?

Check out the questions and Jones' answers below.

Buy Or Sell: Manny Ramirez making a baseball comeback in Japan at 44 years old because he "loves the game"

"I sell that Manny Ramirez 'loves the game,'" said Jones. "My guess is he needs a paycheck. That would be my guess."

Buy Or Sell: Duke's Grayson Allen intentionally tripped another player in his first game back from a suspension

"I completely buy that everything Grayson Allen does is intentional, just like Draymond Green," said Jones. "Your legs can't be flying around like that unintentionally."

Buy Or Sell: Alabama winning the national title again is good for college football

"I think a villain is good for most sports, but I think Alabama has gone past that. I actually think Clemson winning would be better for college football," said Jones. "I sell that idea, that 'Bama winning another one would be good for the sport - even acknowledging that people love dynasties, people love villains."

Buy Or Sell: Texans are the worst team the Patriots have ever faced in the playoffs

"I sell that, too," said Jones. "They're not good ... but can anyone tell me with a straight face that they're worse than the Tim Tebow Denver Broncos that came in here? ... The Texans ain't good, but they're not that bad."

Buy Or Sell: Jared Sullinger eating a hamburger off the floor after a teammate threw it at him

"I completely buy it," said Jones. "We're talking about a guy who had to get shut down by the Celtics because he has an eating problem. He was so out of shape, they had to shut the guy down."

Listen to the full podcast below:


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