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Brockton Firefighter Injured After Falling Through Floor At House Fire

BROCKTON (CBS) – A firefighter in Brockton suffered minor injuries after he fell through a stairway at a house fire Tuesday night. He fell through the floor and into the basement of a home on Tilton Ave.

The firefighter managed to get himself out of the basement. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Brockton fire stairs
A Brockton firefighter fell through this set of stairs at a home on Tilton Ave. (Image credit Brockton Fire)

"This not a job for the faint of heart by any means," Brockton Fire Chief Brian Nardelli said. "This is a job that these guys were at the firehouse just a couple minutes ago, and they're out here now trying to save someone's life and property and one of their own members goes through the floor. It is heart pounding to say the least."

Nardelli said the firefighter is doing well and even wanted to come back to the fire to help with the clean-up.

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