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Bradley Jay: 'Experience The Magic Of A Big Time Flea Market.'

Bradley Jay: Experience The Magic Of A Big Time Flea Market.

It can be tough to find new fresh experiences our time and budgets allow, but the Todd Farm flea market is just that, both rewarding and affordable. It's a genuine adventure in Rowley, only 50 minutes north of Boston.

Each Sunday, under cover of pre-dawn morning, scores of vendors set up in the fields surrounding the Todd Farm barn. By the time the sun pops up over the trees, the grounds are packed with both professional pickers and Sunday browsers.

You can find nearly any thing there. I'm talking about really crazy stuff. Affordable surprises greet you every few steps. Collectible toys, historical ephemera, military hardware, telescopes, an Art Deco hair dryer collection, vintage police car lights, and even a harpoon are examples of the enchanting wares you will see there.

Perhaps more important than the "stuff" is the social experience. In a society that is increasingly insular and rude, the Todd Farm flea market seems to be a place dominated by genuine goodwill. A high percentage of the characters there, especially the regulars, are quirky, easy going, hard working folks who love to trade stories as they trade cool things for cash. The place has such a great vibe many people go with no intention of buying anything at all. It is, above all, a rare, life affirming, upbeat, and invigorating place to spend time. And the maple peanut butter bacon donuts are "scrumtrulescent."

Grab a little cash and head to "the flea" as my friend calls it, and don't be afraid to politely haggle just a little.

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