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Marchand On T&R: Seguin Trade 'Might Have Freaked Everyone Out'

The Bruins get their regular season started Thursday night when they host the Tampa Bay Lightning.

B's winger Brad Marchand joined Fred Toucher during Bruins media day on Wednesday to discuss the upcoming season, the Canadian Olympic hockey team, his style of play and the changes made to this roster in the offseason.

Marchand received a call this summer about joining the Canadian Olympic Hockey Team in camp. Team Canada's management team and coaches will be watching the Canadian players over the first few months of the NHL season before making final roster decisions. Was it a shock for him to receive such a call?

"Yeah a little bit. I never really thought about it before being selected to go to the camp, but I mean there were a lot of very good hockey players there and it's really going to come down to how guys play in the first half of the year. The camp was definitely an honor though."

Was there anytime during his development where people said that he could be one of the elite players in Canada?

"No, I don't think anyone thought that I'd make the NHL, but things happened one year at a time."

They moved on to discuss some of the changes the Bruins made to the roster in the offseason. One of the more notable moves was the B's sending Tyler Seguin to the Dallas Stars and getting back Loui Eriksson.

How did Marchand react to the news of the trade?

"I think it might have freaked everyone out. A guy with his talent and his capabilities and his contract, it's a big deal. He was suppose to be one of the core guys here and be here for a long time and he gets shipped out, it's a big eye opener. It's a rude awakening, it shows you can't take anything for granted here...You have a bad half year then it could be enough to ship you out, so I don't want that to be the case."

What does the addition of Eriksson mean for his line?

"It's going to be different, but like I said he's a very talented guy and he's very good down in front of the net. Hopefully we can use him to our advantage down there."

Brad Marchand On Toucher & Rich


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