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Boy Rescued After Falling Into Water At Fort Point Channel

BOSTON (CBS) – A young man jumped into action and saved the life of a boy who fell into the frigid waters of the Fort Point Channel Tuesday afternoon.

The boy was playing on snowbanks when he went through the ice.

Victor Moisescu says it all happened very quickly. He was walking by the channel near the Tea Party Museum when he noticed some kids playing on some snowbanks.

"But then I noticed they were shouting about a kid who fell into the water and they were asking 'where are you, where are you' he was like 'I'm in the water' so I called 911 right away," Moisescu says.

Apparently the boy, about 10 years old, accidentally slid down the snowbank and right into the frigid waters. A woman staying nearby took dramatic photos as Moisescu ran to help.

Fort Point rescue
A boy fell into the water at Fort Point Channel. (Viewer photo)

"I ran over, I jumped the fence right here onto the water taxi dock and I ran through 50 yards of snow drifts to go out to the edge of the dock where he was and I pulled him out," Moisescu says

He says the boy was only in the water for a few minutes but was already in trouble because of the cold. He was taken to Tufts Medical Center to be checked out but was expected to be OK.

"He was in the water from head to toe so he must be pretty cold," Moisescu said. "There were a couple of other guys who came out onto the dock after and gave him a jacket before paramedics arrived."

Minutes after the incident, some people came out and put safety tape around the snowbanks which are in back of the Intercontinental Hotel.

Victor says he's just happy he could help.


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