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Boy Finds Perfect Match With Puppy Born With Green Fur

BOSTON (CBS) - A rare puppy born with green fur met his new owner, a young boy with his own rare condition, Liam Mcgourty, a ten year old who suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

Liam is also crazy for the color green making them a perfect match. We first met Liam last year who is a huge Red Sox fan, thrilled to run the bases at Fenway.

Green Monster 1
Liam Mcgourty (WBZ-TV)

Today he can't walk, and uses a motorized wheelchair he calls the Green Monster. "My favorite color is green," Liam says.

Pauline Hoegler runs Golden Opportunities for Independence in Walpole where she raises golden retrievers to work as service dogs, and where Liam was on the waiting list for a furry companion.

When Pauline's dog Bridget had a litter of ten and saw one with a green tint she knew the puppy was perfect for Liam. "I called up Kristen and Jeff and said we have a puppy for Liam and it happens to be green," Pauline says.

Green Monster
Green Puppy named Fenway (WBZ-TV)

Liam named the puppy Fenway. "I think that's cool that he was green once," Liam says. "When I first saw him I felt happy."

Pauline explains the green fur, "Within the placenta the mother has some bile and from what I understand it leaks into the sac and kind of dyes his coat."

Fenway's green fur has faded and is now the color he's supposed to be. "This is a ray of sunshine to land right in his lap," says Liam's father, Jeff Mcgourty.

Green Monster 2
Liam Mcgourty and Fenway (WBZ-TV)

The five week old pup will be trained to become Liam's service dog to not only be a companion but to help Liam do some of the things he won't be able to do as his disease progresses. "It will be like a friend for me," Liam says.

Until then Liam visits his dog and both have already fallen in love.

Liam's family is planning their 8th annual 5K run to raise money for medical research that happens on October 21.

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