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Boston's Best Craft Beer Specials

For some, beer drinking is more than a hobby or a pastime: it's a passion. These beer aficionados actively seek out seasonal, artisanal craft brews by the bucket loads, and are always after that next great pint of brewed beer greatness. Lucky for them, the city of Boston has no shortage of great places to acquire and imbibe plenty of ice cold draft beer specials. Here are only a few of the prime spots to visit!
Bukowski Tavern
(Credit: Bukowski Tavern)

Bukowski Tavern
50 Dalton St.
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 437-9999

It's a surefire bet that there are very few pubs in the Boston area that have more of a craft beer selection than Bukowski Tavern, an infamous Back Bay joint named after the infamously sloshed writer Charles Bukowski, author the classics "Ham on Rye" and "Pulp." This Dalton Street spot has a bevy of craft beer specials daily (check the joint's massive beer book, where specials very from pale ales and stouts to traditional lagers) while the Bukowski kitchen doles out delicious burgers with crazy toppings like peanut butter (try it, you'll like it!), as well as plenty of salty comfort food sides to keep the drinking heavy all night long.

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Lower Depths
(Photo Credit: Lower Depths/Facebook)

The Lower Depths
476 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 266-6662

The Lower Depths is another Boston bar whose name is quick on the lips of craft beer aficionados across the city, and with good reason: the selection here is among the best in Boston.This cash-only spot is located right on Commonwealth Avenue near Kenmore Station, and sets up a beer selection on both draft and bottle for its loyal customer base, providing plenty of craft beer specials-including brewery-specific tasting events and socials based upon local beer crafters - while also serving up domestic fare for those who simply want to belly up for a cold pint before the Sox game. It's definitely a recommended stop either way!

row 34
(Credit: Row 34)

Row 34
383 Congress St.
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 553-5900

Row 34 is a substantially more fancy place compared to both Bukowski Tavern and The Lower Depths, yet this Congress Street Waterfront possesses a hidden oasis for craft beer fans over at its raw oyster bar. The selection and quality level of the craft beer specials are both great here-many focusing on approachable craft beer tasters to go along with Row 34's claim to fame as "the workingman's oyster bar"-while the ocean view overlooking Boston's classic Waterfront district makes Row 34 a solid spot for both upscale dining as well as delicious craft beer brew after a hard day at the office.

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The Tip Tap Room
(Photo Credit: The Tip Tap Room/Facebook)

Tip Tap Room
138 Cambridge St.
Boston, MA 02114
(857) 350-3344

Not everyone prefers their beer on draft, and for those people, The Tip Tap Room over on Cambridge Street - in between Ridgeway Street and Hancock Lane in Beacon Hill - offers a nice selection of bottled craft beer specials-all emblazoned on its wall spanning chalkboard on a changing, daily basis - to go along with its adventurous and carnivorous dining fare, which supplies such out-of-the-ordinary meats as wild boar and ostrich. Of course, The Tip Tap Room also offers more traditional, burger-type fare to go along with your craft beer, as well, making this Boston spot a great place to please just about everyone.

(Photo from Facebook)

Jm Curley
21 Temple Place
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 338-5333

Stopping by downtown Boston for our final spot for craft beer specials, the curiously named Jm Curley owns its Temple Place location with a fine selection of craft beer specials from across the country-separated by their brewing style, heft and body - while its dinner menu places a particularly emphasis upon elevated comfort food classics like burgers, pork sandwiches and pizza. These drool-inducing delicacies ensure that fans will come back again and again to indulge themselves on fine food and drink here at this great Boston gastro-pub.

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