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Mayor Wu Announces $50 Million Investment Into Improvements At Mildred Haley Apartments In Jamaica Plain

BOSTON (CBS) -- With the Mildred C. Hailey Apartments serving as the backdrop, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu stood in the rain in Jamaica Plain Thursday morning alongside city officials and affordable housing advocates to make a series of announcements.

"I will be signing an executive order reaffirming our city government's commitment to fair housing and racial equity. This order would implement the assessment of fair housing," said Mayor Wu.

As part of that order, the Mayor announced $50 million in capital investments would be made at the Mildred C. Haley Apartment Complex to go towards improving areas like plumbing, ventilation and renovating windows and bathrooms across 526 units of housing.

Wu called the announcement a "starting point" for the work to be done and said these are all investments for the future in terms of quality of life, air quality, and energy efficiency.

"It's also an investment in our future. One that will make these homes better for our planet and for our kids and their kids to come," said Wu.

Mayor Wu said affordable housing will be the city's top priority when it comes to putting federal recovery funding to good use.

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