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Celtics fan hoping this is the year he can finally correct inaccurate "2022 World Champions" tattoo

Celtics fan hoping to update "2022 World Champions" tattoo
Celtics fan hoping to update "2022 World Champions" tattoo 02:33

BOSTON - There's nothing like tattoo ink, to force a fan to commit to a dream, even if it isn't meant to be. "Celtics 2022 World Champions," said Jack Bienvenue, pointing to the tattoo that's been on his arm for a couple of years now. It was wishful thinking, since he got it before the Golden State Warriors took that particular title.

He said he has no regrets. "I mean, when I go to the beach...maybe sometimes," he said.

Celtics tattoo
Jack Bienvenue's inaccurate 2022 Boston Celtics World Champions tattoo.  CBS Boston

Bienvenue talked with WBZ after he first got the tattoo during the Celtic's run in the 2022 NBA finals. "This was a team of destiny," he said back then.

Now he's changed his tune. "Wasn't destiny, I guess...but I was sure, I was a very sure senior in high school," he said.

From hopeful fan to a meme

Now, his college buddies will never let him live it down. "The morning after we lost, I woke up and opened my phone, and the first thing I saw was a picture of me with a crying Jordan face edited on me," he said. He had gone from a hopeful fan to a meme.

"It's been a memory, good or bad, that I'll have for the rest of my life and share with my kids someday," he said. He doesn't want to erase the 2022. "Maybe get a little asterisk, put a 4 and maybe you know, put some more Celtics stuff around it, more Celtics related tattoos." 

This time he is promising Celtics Nation he will wait until the final score before he changes anything. "Last thing I need, is to get that 4, and something to go sideways," he said.

But just in case, he said he put his tattoo artist on notice.

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