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Social Media Fuels Confusion Over Missing Braintree Boa Constrictor

BRAINTREE (CBS) - Police say a boa constrictor that was thought to be on the loose in Braintree was not missing after all.

Braintree police said Thursday they were looking for a 4-foot long red-tail boa that was believed to have escaped near its cage near Sunset Lake on Saturday.

WBZ-TV's Bill Shields reported that the snake was taken from its cage by a neighbor. The snake's owner assumed his pet had escaped, but did not inform anyone.

Then on Thursday, the neighbor posted pictures on Facebook of the snake in the grass near Sunset Lake, indicating that it had gotten loose.

Residents from around Braintree got word that the snake was loose through online postings, and many went out searching.

"We heard over Facebook someone lost a snake, so we're just looking to return it for an adventure," one resident told WBZ-TV while searching the area.

By about 3:30 p.m., Braintree Police tweeted a photo of the snake saying it was in custody.

The snake was found in possession of the neighbor who initially took it, and she had it all along.

"If determined this was a joke, we will handle accordingly," Braintree police said.

Police have not yet decided if any charges will result from the incident.

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