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Bertrand: Bengals Are The AFC Dark Horse

BOSTON (CBS) - Now that the AFC playoff picture is set in stone and the Patriots have locked up the number two seed, the only team playing on Wildcard Weekend that the Patriots cannot host in the Divisional Round is the San Diego Chargers.

So if you're a Patriots fan, of the Bengals, Colts and Chiefs which team do you want to play?

Pick-A-Side: Who Do You Want The Patriots To Play In Divisional Round?

Marc Bertrand thinks Andy Dalton could have a "Joe Flacco-like postseason" and the Bengals might be the AFC dark horse to get to the Super Bowl.

"I look at the Bengals as the dark horse of the AFC," said Bertrand Monday afternoon. "Of the three teams - including Kansas City - I look at the Bengals and I say that's probably who the Patriots will face, and that's the last out of the three that I would choose. If you had a choice that'd be the last team I'm picking."

Beetle is predicting an early exit by the Kansas City Chiefs, but admits he could be flat-wrong.

Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe joined Marc Bertrand in studio, and he feels like the Colts are the worst of the bunch.

Without Reggie Wayne, a running game and the ability to stop the run, he feels like Andrew Luck's team is still a year away from really competing.

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For the same reason that Marc Bertrand is buying a potential Bengals playoff run, Chris Gasper is selling.

"You know what it is about them? I don't trust Andy Dalton. I don't trust a quarterback who throws 20 interceptions in a season. I fear him throwing that "game-killer" interception, so it's hard for me to be really fearful of the Bengals with him as the quarterback."

Of the 12 playoff teams, Marc Bertrand has the least amount of confidence in the San Diego Chargers and quarterback Philip Rivers, saying they have "no shot" to go all the way.

Listen below for the full discussion:

Bertrand: Bengals Are The AFC Dark Horse

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