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Malden Brothers Named 'Heroes' For Creating Products That Help Cancer Patients

MALDEN (CBS) - Two young brothers from Malden are in the spotlight Thursday after being named "heroes" by a national organization that recognizes young people doing great things. For the Bennett brothers, the goal of their work is nothing less than helping researchers find a cure for cancer. And their inspiration, a friend.

Thirteen year old Harry Bennett and his nine year old brother Heath run their business out of their family kitchen.

"We're making lip balm," Harry says as he stirs a pot of ingredients. They got the idea two years ago when their friend, Timmy, was diagnosed with cancer. The brothers wanted to do something.

"We learned that cancer patients' lips and skin can get really dry because of the chemo," Harry says.

A light bulb went off over both of their young heads, and "Bennett Brothers Balm" was born.

Bennett Brothers Balm
Bennett Brothers Balm (WBZ-TV)

"We make lip balm, which is kind of like our main product," says Heath. They also make and sell different body balms and moisturizers, all natural, all handmade, while the profits benefit cancer research.

"We've raised $15,000," Heath says.

And with the great optimism of children, they don't just want to help, they want to win.

"We want to find a cure. We want to help doctors find a cure," Harry explains.

Bennett brothers
Harry and Heath Bennett (WBZ-TV)

The brothers are also fielding a team for the Light the Night Walk, to fight cancer.

"I think it's great to raise money and help people who have cancer," says Heath.

Their parents play a big role as well, but it's the boys who provide the most enthusiasm with a message we can all learn from.

"If you want to do it," Harry says emphatically. "I just feel very glad that we're helping. It feels very good," adds Heath.

Harry and Heath just received the $10,000 Barron Prize for Young Heroes. They intend to save some of it for college, invest some of it in their business and give the rest to charity.

And their friend Timmy? "He's doing great. He's all better," Harry says.

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