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Autism Speaks Founders Talk 10 Years Of Progress

MANSFIELD (CBS) -- 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with Autism. This weekend Mansfield holds it's "Walk Now for Autism Speaks."

This year is a milestone year and a year of reflection for the grandmother and grandfather who started it all. Bob and Suzanne Wright didn't know anything about autism until their grandson, Christian, was born with the disease.

Bob, the former chairman of NBC, and his wife founded Autism Speaks 10 years ago.

"We've doubled the awareness level. That's hard to do," he said.

Autism Speaks is now focusing on improving services for families, creating jobs and housing for people with autism. Bob Wright's ultimate goal is to find a cure. He says he isn't discouraged about how slow that's going.

Autism Speaks has also started fundraising walks in more than 100 cities and towns. This weekend it's Massachusetts' turn to walk.

As for Christian, he just turned 14. His grandmother, Suzanne, says he has been a motivation.

"Christian you are changing the world. He is...Now, we have the world's attention," she says.

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