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99-Year-Old Girl Scout Continues To Volunteer, Inspire

BOSTON (CBS) - It's National Girl Scout Day, and we had the great honor to meet a Lynn woman who has been involved with scouting for more than six decades. And at 99 years old, she's not stopping. That's good news for young girls and the many volunteers that keep Girl Scouts alive.

"That's the troop number they belonged to," says Dot Macaione as she shows us memorabilia at the Girl Scout Museum in Waltham. It's a repository of Girl Scout history which began on this day, March 12, in 1912 when Juliette Gordon Low organized the first Girl Scout troop in Savannah, Georgia.

Dot Macaione
Dot Macaione (WBZ-TV)

The second troop began two years later in New Bedford. At 99, Dot is a part of that continuum. She became a scout leader 60 years ago. "I've always been happy to be a part of it because it means so much to the girls to have maybe a little guidance from somebody that's a little bit older," she says.

And Dot has never stopped, continuing to volunteer over the years. She's received just about every award a volunteer can get. But in everything she does, the girls come first. "Let them see what good is out there for them, what chances they have," she says.

"Dot is an incredibly special volunteer," says Carrie Weatherbee who works with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. "When we think about the Girl Scout mission, what really stands out to me is that Dot is truly a sister to every Girl Scout in Eastern Massachusetts."

Dot's message to the young people: "Be yourself and do the best you can and always be there for somebody like they are for you," she says.

We asked Dot how long she'll stay involved in Girl Scouts. Her answer: "As long as they put up with me."

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