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Enough Is Enough: Many Fed Up After 2nd Wave Of Snow Slams Maryland

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- While plow drivers work around the clock to uncover Maryland, people have had more than enough of the mess. Many spent hours trying to dig out Thursday, only to be covered by snow again.

Christie Ileto has more from fed-up Marylanders.

Two waves of wild winter weather in one day. Many residents are saying enough is enough with all of this snow.

Mother Nature is rearing her ugly head yet again. This time, Thursday night, a second wave of snow slammed Maryland in 24 hours, bringing danger on the roads.

"It's just murder on people when they're driving. It's hard for my guys to get around," said Josh Dean.

Dean owns Domino's in Hampden, and he can't keep up with the snow.

"Been out here like three or four hours shoveling now, and it's still coming down," he said.

Carroll County residents deal with a foot and a half. But for Ryan Lavender, a second punch of snow means fun with dad.

"The snow is easy to push until it started sleeting," Don Doss in Owings Mills said.

For Doss, it's longer days trying to keep side streets clear.

"It made my day longer. It's harder to push. It's real heavy," he said.

In North Baltimore County, the roads aren't just covered with snow. Now that sleet is falling, they're slick, slippery and dangerous.

"Remember the 50 incher we had? This is nothing. But it's icy. I'm sick of the ice," said Robin Hundley.

"I think everyone is over with winter. It's just awful," Deppak said.

He just moved back from Florida, and he's got mover's remorse. Marylanders are sharing his disdain, but spelling it out on Twitter.

It's exactly five weeks until spring. Many Marylanders say they are definitely counting down the days.

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