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Winking Congressman Steals Spotlight In House Floor Speech

WASHINGTON (WJZ) -- We all know work meetings can get a little tedious, but a Maryland lawmaker is making headlines for his "performance" during a meeting on Capitol Hill.

Jess Kartalija has more on the winking congressman.

Valentine's Day is on the mind of many Marylanders, so this playful wink caught our attention. So who was Congressman Andy Harris winking to?

Blink and you could miss the wink--don't worry, he'll do it again and again.

Maryland Congressman Andy Harris photo, or "videobombed" a colleague Tuesday night, winking to an admiring viewer.

Things escalate when the 58-year-old reads a message on his phone, takes off his glasses, looks right into the camera, and smirks.

So who is home watching all this winking?

Harris' communication manager says, "his mother watches for him on C-SPAN," Hodgkins explained, "and gets a kick out of seeing him on TV."

Some are skeptical it is getting close to Valentine's Day, but as a mom, I would hope my son might give me a wink from Capitol Hill too.

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