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WEATHER: Foggy, Rainy Christmas Eve

Hi Everyone

……"Then one foggy Christmas Eve Santa came"……

"Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" ..

Talk about one of the great Christmas songs of all time, and what's the genesis of this music. FOUL WEATHER. FOG! Think about other Christmas carols and images.

What do they involve. FOUL WEATHER. SNOW! "Tis the season" has,since Dickens, been visualized as a winter wonderland. And so it shall be forever. But the reality of 2014 is this. Foul weather does nothing but screw up this time of the year for many. And sorry to say such will be the case today.

Heavy rain, and thunderstorms, (thunderstorms on 12-24 smh), will be in the area just when you are trying to get your last minute running around done. That foul weather will be with us this evening as holiday socializing, and religious services are beginning. We really need to watch for flooding on some roadways and low lying areas.

But it ain't done yet.

Tomorrow with clearing skies you can expect strong winds with gusts of 30-40 mph. Okie dokie then….

But what the heck Christmas comes but once a year, ya gonna let a little rain, and wind ruin it? Not hardly. Stay dry, but for sure stay happy. Let the vibe of the season roll, and try to keep it with you through the year. That would be my Christmas wish. Ok, Sunny and 80 year round might also be my Christmas wish too.
….."won't you guide my sleigh tonight"….


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