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Weather Blog: Damp Start To The Day

Hi Everyone!

   What a damp start to this Wednesday, what a Summer like feel too.  So far this week scattered showers has been the rub in the forecast, now it is a strong Easterly flow. A big high to our North, and a smaller Low just offshore are the culprits. Warm and humid, foggy, misty, and murky all are quite accurate today. There is a chance of spotty showers but two future casts are not showing a lot of rain. It is one of those day's where you keep a small umbrella close and may not have much need for it.

  Now some good news. Tomorrow looks to be a bit better than the "pretty good" forecast we have been discussing all week for it. Partly Sunny and mild is now the official forecast. And Friday is looking a bit better too.

  So when does the "other shoe drop?" Glad you asked. The weekend is now looking gray and wet at times with "Spotty showers" now being the official outlook. Clearly wet both day's on the DelMarVa, but we think Sunday may be the wetter day inland. #straytuned.

  And in closing let me hash tag again, today  #staydry


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