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Vinny Cerrato: Ravens Camp – Impression Of Defense

I think the defense has to find a way to get it done late and close out games in the 4th quarter.

Looking at the team:

Inside LB - The addition of C.J. Mosley and Arthur Brown in year 2 will be faster and better in coverage. What I saw at minicamp from other LB: Was good athletes but it's hard to tell until they put pads and take on real blocks, how they will do vs the run.

The Defense Line - With Ngata who looked to me like he always does. He is big but he is always big. He seemed to be in decent shape. Canty was fine, he needs to keep his pad level down at all times. Timmy Jernigan is an edge player with good quickness. It will be interesting to see him in pads. I was impressed with rookie Brent Urban. He showed ability to bend knees and play with good pad level. I saw some good punch and lockout, he stood out and I'm looking forward to seeing him in pads.

Outside LB - Terrell Suggs will be a big component of defense. He still has the ability to get double digit sacks but it's hard to tell from minicamp because he never really cranks it up.

Safeties - Darien Stewart is starting FS right now over rookie Terrence Brooks. Can he get everyone lined up and can he cover is my question for him.

Corners - Jimmy Smith looks good and Lardarius Webb a second year off ACL surgery looks quicker than last year. They will be solid with those two but they big question for the defense is the third corner. Is it Chykie Brown, Asa Jackson, or a veteran. I think it will end up being a vet. I not a huge Brown fan. I don't think he has the ball skills. Jackson has the athletic ability to do it but off the field he has had concerns.

If everything can come together, this can be a better, faster defense. That is why they go to minicamp to play pre-season games to develop the group that has potential which means they haven't don't it yet.

CLICK HERE for Vinny's impressions of the Ravens Offense at Minicamp.


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