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U.S. To Add Second Layer Of Steel Spikes To White House Fence

WASHINGTON (WJZ) -- Starting Friday, the White House is beefing up security around its perimeters. This, after a series of trespassers have penetrated the White House grounds, posing security threats.

Christie Ileto with what's going to look different.

They're called pencil points--a second row of metal spikes soon to be bolted onto the existing fence surrounding 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Officials say it will deter and inhibit intruders.

"Any security breach at the White House is very, very relevant and is dangerous," said Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, (D) Maryland.

Congressman Ruppersberger has been outspoken about the spate of embarrassing breaches that started last September when a man made it inside the White House.

A month later, a Maryland man made it onto the lawn.

And just last month, another intruder cleared the fence.

"Don't you believe that the ISIS and the terrorist groups see that and think that might be a vulnerability?" said Ruppersberger.

"If these measures had been in place, let's say last fall, do you think would we have seen all the White House jumpers we saw before?" asked Christie Ileto.

"Probably not as many. It probably would have slowed them down a bit," responded Homeland Security expert Vernon Herron.

Herron says it will help the Secret Service net intruders, but the second set of spikes is a short-term fix until a more permanent fence is installed.

It's no secret the current fence is no deterrent. So, will these new measures be enough to hold intruders at bay for the time being?

"This is not going to totally eliminate somebody from breaching security," said Herron.

Improvements to vehicle checkpoints will also start Friday as a means of beefing up security at the most famous address in the country.

The second set of spikes will be in place by July.

Construction for a more permanent fence is slated for 2016.

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