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Tourists In D.C. Waiting For Cherry Blossoms To Bloom

WASHINGTON (WJZ) -- Tourists in Washington, D.C. are waiting for the cherry blossoms to bloom.

Marcus Washington has more.

While the trees aren't in full bloom just yet, many people say Monday was still a great day to be there.

It's the season that brings people capturing the moment from near and far. They're all looking to see the bright joy brought on by the Cherry Blossom Festival.

"We're really excited because it's pink, looks like they're ready to burst at any moment. And we may still stay until Saturday morning and see them all. It smells great, it looks beautiful," said Beverly Schornhorst, Michigan.

For some, the not full blossom trees left disappointment.

"By this time, it was like more bloom and there's flowers on the trees. But it still looks pretty," said Sabir Shrestha, Virginia.

The undeniable beauty surrounding the trees makes a visit without full bloom still very enjoyable. But off in the distance, WJZ found one tree. It's what they call an indicator or predictor tree. It hits its bloom before the other cherry blossoms.

But the big question is: when will we see the majority of the cherry blossoms hit their white, puffy bloom? Good news--it's not that far away.

"We're now in the second stage, but the peak blossoming will occur between April 11 and April 14. That's when more than 70 percent of the blossoms will have bloomed," said Nancy Murray, National Park Services.

"I did not really think it would be this beautiful, the cherry blossoms, even though we've only seen a few. But it's very amazing," said Abdishakur Abbule, Somalia.

"There is something for everybody. There is something for the children, something for adults, the elderly," said Diana Mayhew, National Cherry Blossom Festival.

The cherry blossoms were a gift from Japan in 1912 -- 3,000 trees -- with 100 of the originals still blooming today.

The festival is visited by 1.5 million people and runs throughout the weekend.

This is the 90th year for the festival.

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