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Thousands Line DC Streets To See Papal Parade

WASHINGTON (WJZ) --The singing started early as the crowds from across the country poured into the viewing area for the parade, all to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis.

WJZ's Mary Bubala has more.

Thousands just excited to see the Pontiff, calling it a once in a lifetime experience.

"Just to be in his presence is making history," said one parader goer.

Cheers went up as crowds watched the Pontiff speak at the White House.

Then came the anticipation. Flags waved, pictures were taken, more singing, and then the big moment, Pope Francis arrives in the Popemobile.

"This is awesome. We would do this all again. We would've been here eight hours if we needed to," said one woman.

The outpouring of love and support for the Pope was an amazing sight.

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The Pope is scheduled to address Congress tomorrow and the people at the parade hope the Pope's visit has a lasting effect.

"He is the type of spiritual leader that is going to help us during these troubled times," said one man.



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