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Thief returns bar stool after Frazier's threatens to name and shame

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BALTIMORE -- Someone who plucked a bar stool from Frazier's on the Avenue in Hampden promptly returned it after the beloved bar issued an ominous deadline. 

Frazier's said in a Facebook post Tuesday someone was caught on camera stealing the stool the night before. The bar said it also had the thief's credit card information. 

These aren't average bar stools. The bar said the seats were custom-made for the bar by the Amish community decades ago.

"You've got until Friday to leave it outside before we're forced to post the videos," the bar said. "You don't even have to come in! Would appreciate it."

The thief evidently didn't come in, but left the stool at the front door of the establishment Wednesday. 

Everyone can rest easy tonight, knowing that our lost soldier has made her way home. Thank you, stool thief, for making...

Posted by Frazier's on the Avenue on Wednesday, February 1, 2023

"Everyone can rest easy tonight, knowing that our lost soldier has made her way home," the bar said. "Thank you, stool thief, for making the correct choice in bringing her home."

If there's any takeaway from the saga of the stool, it's that you don't mess with Frazier's. 

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