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Opinion: The 'War On Women' Is Sexist Fiction

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I always said I’d stay out of the debate on abortion because – though I have my personal and religious thoughts on the subject – I am a male and will obviously never be directly confronted with the decision as a woman. Yet, after reading the resurgence of the abortion issue during the 2012 election cycle with the “War on Women” catchphrase running rampant, it’s difficult to sit silent.

Every time I see the “leftist” politicized phrase “War on Women” related to the abortion aspect of an alleged “war”, I ask “What war?” In 2012 and long before, “women” have had a voice of their own – a very strong voice in our society. Anybody remember Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman” from 1970-whatever? Women have claimed to have a “roaring” voice for decades. And, good luck to any segment of society that tries to pledge war on women because women will win. The whole concept of warring on women is totally sexist, yet it continues to invade our headlines and the leftists’ talking points in current politics. The truth is that women are speaking for themselves, doing a damn good job of expressing their views quite clearly and eloquently, and they don’t need the media speaking for them – especially the male-intense media of 2012.

When the Democrats speak ill of the Republicans regarding an alleged “War on Women” in general, it’s absolutely sickening. Let’s get it straight. The Party who has idolized such womanizers as former President Bill Clinton and a couple of Kennedys has no business labeling the “other” Party as the one that is conducting a “War on Women”. Obviously.

Abortion is a women’s issue – and women speak quite adequately for themselves when allowed to speak en masse on this or any other issue.

That isn’t to say that there may not be a war out there – because there probably is. The war, however, is the “War on the Unborn Child” – not on women. No one – absolutely no one – can argue with the fact that the unborn child has no voice in this debate.

Somewhere between the two extremes on the abortion issue that are being regurgitated in the 2012 campaign likely lies an acceptable answer. Yet, all we tend to hear about are the two extremes. Abortion at-will causes the unborn child to lose the “war against the unborn child” that he is unable to even fight against while disallowing abortion in every situation causes some women to lose their individual right when impregnated unjustly. There has got to be a middle ground that can reasonably be agreed upon to be fair to effected-women on the issue as well as the silent unborn babies.

The propaganda continually exerted from both sides, particularly the “left” with their constant trash-talk about some alleged “War on Women” is not helping society reach a reasonable solution on birth control and abortion in this country. It’s too important an issue – especially to the nation’s women – to be decided by who screams the loudest or who can-trash talk the most effectively.

The audacity of bloggers and politicians – especially males who obviously do not have the same connection to the issue as women do – who continue talking about a “War on Women” is inappropriate. If I were a woman, I’d be offended by the phrase and the strong insinuation of character weakness that comes with the degradation of the phrase “War on Women”. There is no “War on Women”. In its most perfect form and definition, it’s an appropriate debate – and the solutions are much more reachable without the propagandists’ extreme labels.

On abortion, let every woman speak. Let every woman be heard. If God wanted men to have the strong voice in deciding this extremely important social concern, he would have turned the method of child-bearing and child-birth around.

Until the issue is decided concerning the circumstantial needs of each “individual woman” and the rights of the “unborn human being”, let’s stop the propagandists’ talk and come to a conclusion that is as fair as possible to both.

About Scott Paulson

Scott Paulson writes political commentary for and teaches English at a community college in the Chicago area. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of CBS Local.


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