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Stuck Cargo Ship Ever Forward Fails To Move Forward

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Spectators were out at Downs Park in Anne Arundel County watching and waiting for the Ever Forward to finally move forward.

The 1,100 foot-long cargo ship ran around March 13, 2022, in the Chesapeake Bay after it picked up cargo from the Port of Baltimore. It was headed for Norfolk, Virginia.

"It's kinda cool seeing it, you know stuck and not going anywhere," a bystander by the name of Janice said. 

On Wednesday night, the Coast Guard tried for the second time in two days to move the ship, using seven tug boats to push and pull the ship from off the ground. 

"It almost buried itself into the bank, so that's why it's not an easy operation," said Cpt. David O'Connell from the Coast Guard Sector Maryland-National Capital Region. 

"Trying to move something that's that big is obviously a monumental task," added Geoffrey Donahue from the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Donahue was optimistic about Wednesday's conditions because of the wind from the south blowing more water into the bay. 

But just after 7 p.m., officials said the attempt failed. 

"It's entertainment," Bob Peacock from Annapolis said. "That's really something to watch."

After the attempts to move the cargo ship failed on Tuesday and Wednesday, the discussion has moved to the possibility of removing some of the ship's cargo and the dangers associated with that venture.

"That's gonna be a monumental task in and of itself," said Donahue, "Bringing in some large cranes that can reach the height and the width of the vessel to accomplish that." 

Janice said she isn't surprised the ship hasn't moved. 

"I mean, how long did it take to get the same company's boat out of the Suez Canal?" she asked.

Officials will attempt to move the ship again next week and if that doesn't work, they'll take some of the cargo off the ship.

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