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Some Call For Del. Dwyer To Step Down After DUI Arrest

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) -- There are growing calls for a Maryland lawmaker arrested for drinking and driving to step down.

Derek Valcourt has the reaction to the arrest of Anne Arundel County Delegate Don Dwyer.

After his previous admission that an alcohol addiction led him to operate a boat while drunk, many people say they were willing to give him a second chance...but not anymore.

Delegate Don Dwyer's arrest early Tuesday morning for a DUI along Route 100 has baffled some of his staunchest supporters. Some of them took to his Facebook page with harsh criticism; others outright calling for his removal from office.

"I have called for his resignation," said fellow Republican Anne Arundel County delegate and gubernatorial candidate Ron George.

George says he's concerned for Dwyer's well-being.

"When people get to this point, they need to get their life back together and get on secure footing and then they can do other things," George said.

"Once you admit you're an alcoholic, it's not something that goes away. It's something you deal with the rest of your life," Delegate Don Dwyer said in January.

Dwyer talked to WJZ about his ongoing struggles with alcohol after he admitted he was operating his boat under the influence last summer when it collided with another boat on the Magothy River, injuring several other people, including himself.

Voters in Anne Arundel County haven't forgotten.

"He needs to just step down. That's all there is to it," said one.

"First time, shame on you; second time, shame on me," said another.

"Any time you're a public figure, you definitely shouldn't be doing anything stupid like that," a voter said.

"Maybe he should take some time off to deal with his personal issues, for sure," a voter said.

Maryland's legislative ethics committee, which met Wednesday, has yet to receive a formal complaint against Dwyer.

The House Speaker stopped short of calling for Dwyer's resignation, saying his, "...conduct and indiscretion has put him in direct conflict with the laws of this state and is unbecoming...", adding, "...[his] future in the legislature will be decided by his own conscience."

So far, there's no comment from Dwyer or his attorney. He faces multiple traffic charges, including driving while intoxicated. The case could go before a judge in late November.

Dwyer is scheduled to be sentenced in connection with last year's boating incident at a court hearing on Oct. 25.

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