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Residents On Edge After Another Downtown Towson Shooting

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A shooting in a busy section of Towson has left many people on the edge, and Baltimore County police are still investigating.

A video on social media showed the chaotic scene when what sounded like gunshots echoed in the air, and then there were screams of panic.

Baltimore County police say the shooting happened in the 500 block of York Road early Sunday morning. The area was busy with people enjoying a night out.

Some of them were Towson University students. This was their first weekend back for the second semester.

"Someone could've died, I mean there was a gun involved," said Ashley Pena, who said she was in the area the night before.

Police say officers just happened to be patrolling the area around 1:45 in the morning when they saw people fighting, and then the shots were fired.

The department said the officers were able to chase then arrest a suspect, 23-year-old Nicholas Taylor.

"I think it's sad. Unfortunately, stuff like that happens - I wish I didn't," Lindsey Bell said. "Thankfully nobody got hurt, but it is a busy night out in Towson, anybody could've gotten hurt."

Like many other areas in the country, Baltimore County has seen an increase in crime.

Last month, a 23-year-old Towson University student, Ikemefuna Eguh, was shot and killed on West Susquehanna Avenue. Eguh was about to start his final semester, the school said. Baltimore County police say they are still investigating the case.

Later in the month, on the same street, police say there was a shooting inside ALTUS apartments, a building where many students live. They found shell casings, but no victims.

As crime concerns increase, Towson University has also given police grant money to help pay for more officers to patrol the area.

"I'm gonna definitely be more cautious now knowing that there's violence -- going to make you rethink what you do," Pena said.

Baltimore County police initially thought someone may have been injured in Sunday morning's shooting, but the department later said no one was injured.

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