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Red Cross In Dire Need Of Blood Donations Due To Pandemic, Holidays

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Between the pandemic and the holiday season, there is a dire need for blood donations.

The American Red Cross says they're working through the worst blood shortage they've seen in over a decade, and they need your help.

After Saturday, Tim Frush, a longtime blood donor, will have maxed out for the number of platelet donations allowed in one year.

"This is my 24th time this year," he said.

It's his small smart part in fighting a historically low blood supply.

"My mother donated blood when I was a kid and got me started on it and said there's just so many people who need it, and so few people that can donate that if you can donate, you should," Frush said.

The American Red Cross says the need for blood is dire, as the pandemic continues through the holidays, a slow time of year for donations.

"The amount of blood we've been taking in due to donations is down," said Tony Jones, regional communications manager for the American Red Cross.

With one of the worst shortages in more than a decade, it's a situation that could lead to a delay in care for some patients.

"Folks who need transfusions for cancer patients, patients suffering from leukemia, sickle cell disease," Jones said. "They may not be able to get their treatments."

To stop that from happening they're calling on every and any eligible donor to roll up their sleeves, just like Frush.

"Come in and give it a shot," Frush said.

Jones echoed that, saying: "Take the time this holiday season and donate blood."

Between now and the end of the year, there are upwards of 100 different opportunities to donate across the state through blood drives and donation sites.

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