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Ravens Talk Of The Town: What Are Your Frustrations With The Team So Far This Season?

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Coming off of a Super Bowl win, the Ravens season isn't going so well.

Jessica Kartalija has the latest on what fans are saying about this team.

The Ravens came back from Pittsburgh this week with another loss.

In historic Ellicott City, La Palapa Grill still boasts Ravens pride.

"I think we can turn it around, that there's still time, but I think the time is now," said La Palapa Grill General Manager Simon Cortez.

"It's sad but every good team has their struggles, but I think we are going to pull this out. We've got this," said Alison Killen.

"Because it's a whole new team, they're still trying to get to know one another, how they play," said Francie Allen. "I still have that tiny bit of faith they're going to make it."

At Kooper's North in Baltimore County, Cathy Cheek and her friends are still celebrating her birthday in Ravens style. She's confident the Ravens will make a comeback.

"I got the wreath and I got the shirt and I got a bumper sticker for my car," Cheek said. "We need a front line. We'll do it; we're World Champions."

"There's still a big excitement with the Ravens. Every football game, whether they are home or away, we get a big crowd in here," said Miles Perman, Kooper's North.

"It looks like they are going through the Super Bowl slump right now. They lost a lot of good players; it's going to take some time to rebuild, I think," said Jeet Sandhu.

At Cross Street Market in Federal Hill, fans say they are standing by our team.

"They can do better, but they're working on it, so they are doing trades and what have you," said Darby Terry. "Hopefully we'll pull through."

"I'll never lose faith. I'm a Ravens fan by heart," said James Salmond.

"I'll hang onto them, no matter what. My boys are going to do good. They're coming back," said Vickie Jett.

"They're going to turn it around. I hope and pray they will, but I think they will," said Barbara Sollenberger.

The Ravens are two games out of first place in the AFC North.

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