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Ravens Ring Of Honor Member Matt Stover Talks About The Justin Tucker Streak

Matt Stover is a former Ravens kicker, and a member of the Ravens Ring Of Honor. Stover is the third most accurate kicker in NFL history.

Matt joined Ed & Steve to talk about the Ravens and Justin Tucker's great streak of good kicks this year.

Matt Stover

Steve:  Matt what are your impressions of Justin Tucker so far this year?

Matt: Well he is kicking very well right now.  The whole field goal unit, including Morgan Cox and Sam Koch are both very efficient and Justin is just kicking so well its great to see.

Steve:  What are your impressions about the Ravens so far this year and give some insight into the reasons for some of their struggles?

Matt:  Well we've always had issues with finding a quarterback, but not anymore with Flacco.  Whats really hurting is the turnover on the the offensive line is what is holding us back.  Without a running game the defensive backs can T-off on the wide receivers.  The defense is good enough to give the offense good field position to score a couple of times a game so it becomes a chess match.

Ed: What were your impressions of Joe's outspoken disdain of the Wildcat?

Matt: Well Joe is a competitor, So he is saying that he wants the responsibility on his shoulders.  Personally, I think you should always keep those kind of issues inside the family.  That being said Flacco is a passionate player and he wants the responsibility on him.  However, they cant run the ball so they needed to do something and I think the

Ed: What do you think about the ravens for the rest of the season?

Matt: Well we need to focus on this first game against a weaker Minnesota team.  We need to focus on playing solid team football.  The ravens need to play solid defense and not turn the ball over.

Ed:  Your doing an event at the Hard Rock with the Casey Cares Foundation soon aren't you?  Tell us a little about that event.

Matt:  Yeah the event is tomorrow, Justin Tucker and I will be doing a Q & A.  Its this Monday, December 9th, at the Hard Rock cafe.  All the proceeds of the event will go to the charity and be for a very good cause.

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