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Ravens' coach John Harbaugh on Lamar Jackson's vulgar social media post: 'So out of character for him'

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BALTIMORE - Ravens' quarterback Lamar Jackson spouted off to a fan on social media moments after the team's 28-27 loss Sunday to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jackson blasted a fan on Twitter for suggesting that the star quarterback "asking for $250 mil guaranteed" leave in free agency at the end of this season because "games like this should not come down to" kicker Justin Tucker. The fan added "Let Lamar walk and spend that money on a well-rounded team."

Jackson is in the final year of his rookie contract.

Jackson quipped back on Twitter using profane and inflammatory language, saying the fan "never smelt a football field" before later deleting his response.

"Boy STFU y'all be cappin too much on this app mf never smelt a football field never did (expletive) but eat (expletive)," Jackson said. 

Jackson shot back at the idea that his tweet was anti-gay by tweeting Monday: "Not once have I ever mentioned or disrespect anyone's Sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, Religion or Race."  

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh addressed that social media post with Jackson following the game.

"We talk a lot about football but we also talk about that stuff too, what goes on in terms of the media," Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh said he tells his players not to engage on social media with fans immediately after games, especially losses.

"I just beg guys not to get into the Twitter world right after a game, especially after a loss," Harbaugh said. "It is never going to be positive. It's not going to be a nice place, and I think that is kind of reflected in Lamar's response because what he said is so out of character for him."

Harbaugh said Jackson's action on social media is not who his star quarterback is.

He was just acting out of frustration after the Jaguars scored late to beat the Ravens, and kicker Justin Tucker's 67-yard field goal attempt fell yards short.

"That's not the way he speaks, that's not the way he talks, those aren't the words he uses," Harbaugh said. "I've never heard him talk that way before."

Harbaugh said Monday that he stresses to his players not to get baited on social media by fans, which was what happened Sunday evening.

"Those conversations, he takes very seriously," Harbaugh said. "You get trapped by someone who is baiting you a little bit, you can't live there. It's not important. I think that's not a place he wants to live in or a thing he wants to say.", which covers LGBTQ sports news, published a piece about Jackson's comments that said: "Jackson might not be homophobic, but his comment was. He would have been better off apologizing for the tweet in the first place as opposed to trying to defend its contents."  

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