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New Questions In Triple Fatal Crash: Was Police Pursuit A Factor?

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- New questions surround a fiery crash that killed three people early Tuesday morning. Police were following one of the cars.

Now WJZ has learned there were attempts to stop that pursuit.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the investigation into the deadly accident.

Those questions include when the pursuit ended and if it was a factor in that fatal crash.

An explosive crash early Tuesday morning. Three people were killed when a Honda Accord smashed into a Jeep at York Road and Northern Parkway. Police say before the crash, undercover officers were following the sedan after they observed suspected criminal activity.

Now sources tell WJZ, prior to the accident, there were multiple radio transmissions ordering the officers to end the pursuit.

An attorney for the officers--speaking out for the first time--says that's exactly what they did.

"When the officers did hear that command they did in fact follow that directive and they did in fact stop that pursuit as directed," Attorney Michael Davey said.

It's unclear how far police followed the car and whether they were using lights and sirens. The department's pursuit policy only allows a chase under strict circumstances.

The police commissioner is promising a thorough investigation.

"There's some issues that I have concern with overall with the incident that took place out there. Kind of disturbing," said Commissioner Anthony Batts.

Family members of the crash victims say they still have unanswered questions.

"It just don't make no sense. It really doesn't make any sense that they still chased the person," said Angela Baker.

Her father, the only survivor of the crash, was driving the Jeep. The question she wants to ask the officers:

"Why? Why you didn't stop. Three people gone. Ain't no coming back from that," she said.

It's an answer she hopes to get as the investigation continues.

Again, questions remain about whether police policy was followed and exactly when the officers stopped.

WJZ has requested the radio transmissions from the incident. Police are not releasing them because of the ongoing investigation.

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