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Stack Up The Chips! The Poker Room Is Open At Maryland Live!

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Maryland's largest casino opens a brand new poker room: the finishing touch on a facility equal to anything you'll find under the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Kai Jackson explains why Wednesday's launch at Maryland Live! is so important.

Gamblers are hedging their bets at Maryland Live! Casino. The opening of the poker room Wednesday allows high-stakes table games at the state's largest casino. Even Wednesday night, players continued waiting in line just to sign up for a table.

"I'm tired of driving out-of-state. This is a good thing for Maryland, I think," said one poker player.

Fifty-two tables are now operating over a two-floor area. The buy-in varies from table-to-table. About 1,000 people were expected to play on Wednesday.

Casino officials were pleased with the opening day attendance.

"Poker players tend to spend a lot of time. They could sit there [for] eight to 10 hours playing poker. It's a very social aspect, as far as the gaming goes," said Neal Sloane, vice president of Maryland Live! table games.

The casino has installed chargers at tables for those players with mobile phones.

Operators say gambling in the main portion of the casino has been profitable. The poker room will add to the casino's earnings.

"An hour-and-a-half one way to go play poker and as a woman, a female poker player, you want to be safe," said Kima Slice.

Some players say they waited three-and-a-half hours in line just to sign up for a table and waited even longer to play.

"The strategy of this game is patience. You have to be patient in this game and then know how to bet," said Rodney Pollock.

Maryland Live! Casino has made $324 million so far this year.

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