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Prince George's County Warehouse Collapses; Worker Trapped Inside

LANDOVER, Md. (WJZ) -- A rescue mission is underway in Prince George's County after a man becomes trapped in a warehouse collapse.

Rochelle Ritchie speaks with the missing man's brother who is still hoping for the best.

Roland Haggins' family is hoping he can survive being buried under debris in extremely hot temperatures long enough for rescuers to find him alive.

Underneath this debris of heavy boxes, steel beams and wood is the brother of Roland0 Haggins, a father and a husband.

"Family, right now we're just hoping for the best," he said.

Roland Haggins was last seen in aisle six of the massive warehouse on Cabin Branch Road when a forklift accidentally hit a large 40-foot storage shelf causing a domino effect.

"As that domino effect of shelves was going, it struck support beams for the roof causing the roof to collapse. The roof collapse caused the side and rear walls to buckle," Mark Brady, spokesperson for the Prince George's County Fire Department, said.

Rolando Haggins is not only concerned about the weight of the debris but also the weather.

"The heat is what is really getting to me about him being in there," he said.

Rolando Haggins says he took him to work on Thursday.

"I dropped him off yesterday, about a quarter to three yesterday," he said.

The man's family, including his wife, remain at the scene, all in prayer for a miracle.

"Family man. All he do is work and go back home," Rolando Haggins said of his brother.

Twelve other workers made it out of the building. Rescue efforts were stopped Tuesday night after the building continued to crumble. On Friday, structural engineers were brought in to stabilize it. Despite the conditions, there is hope.

"We've seen stories and documentation for earthquakes where people have been pulled out of debris days later," Brady said.

That collapsed warehouse is used by Recall, a document management company.

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