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Orioles Update With Manager Buck Showalter

2014 American League Coach of the Year, manager of the defending AL East Champion Baltimore Orioles and gnome model, Buck Showalter joined the Vinny and Rob Show to give an update on injuries and the state of the team.

Buck Showalter is positive about the organization, noting that he has a problem with coaches that always seem to be working on their next job.

When asked about the outfielders for the Orioles, Buck states that it is what fits the team right now. He mentions Chris Davis is a good outfielder and has a good arm and he also likes playing Davis in the outfield because its easier on Chris' legs. Rob asked about the selflessness on the team, Buck states it is also about trust. He says the team chemistry with the Orioles is not like it is everywhere else. He believes in utilizing the "golden rule" with players and coaches to try and make their path easier.

Rob asked Buck about some of the roster moves, to which Buck notes that "It's tough," and they will probably have to get rid of somebody that will upset fans. When asked if he would take Ken Griffey Jr. or Mike Trout, Buck says he would lean toward Griffey, stating that he was like "a man playing with children."

Don't even try to pretend that you don't want to listen to this…

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