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Orioles Manager Buck Showalter On The Eve Of Spring Training

Buck Showalter is the current Manager of the Baltimore Orioles.

Buck joined Ed and Steve to talk about spring training which starts tomorrow when pitchers and catchers report.

Buck started off by talking about any updates he could give on the Yovani Gallardo negotiations saying "you guys probably know about as much as I do, Dan and I talk everyday or so and I told him we've done our due diligence and we know what it will mean to sign them or to not sign them." Buck talked also about the team and organization being prepared for either scenario if they acquire those guys or go on without them.

When Buck was asked about Hyun-soo Kim and what he expects Buck said "he came in yesterday, he's real excited about the opportunity...we think he has a chance to be one of the signings of the off-season." As for what he likes about Hyun-soo Kim's abilities Buck said "I like the fact that he walks and doesn't strike out a lot, we made sure he knows things he can't do with umpires over here."

Buck talked about other Orioles topics including the rotation and guys he expects to step up for the MLB club this season.

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