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Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish Hitting Shelves This Month

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The snack that smiles back is getting some Maryland flavor, thanks to a limited-time collaboration.

Maryland-based spice company McCormick & Co. has teamed with Pepperidge Farm to bring the Old Bay-seasoned Goldfish Crackers to shelves in May wherever Goldfish are sold.

Old Bay's blend includes black pepper, paprika, celery, salt and red pepper flakes and is easily identifiable by its iconic yellow can. The Goldfish packaging mimics the classic can.

While Marylanders naturally sprinkle the seasoning on everything from crabs, French fries, pasta, and popcorn to vodka (really), the Goldfish run would give Old Bay some well-deserved international attention.

The crackers are now available at the McCormick Shop online for $5.58 per pack with a limit of two packs per customer, but it's unclear when the spicy snacks are hitting shelves.

The collaboration announced Monday marks the second time McCormick & Company has collaborated with Goldfish. In April 2021 the duo debuted Frank's RedHot flavored crackers.

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