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NTSB Answering Calls To Investigate Latest Bay Bridge Accident

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- The National Transportation Safety Board is answering calls to investigate the latest Bay Bridge accident.

This, after several leaders demand answers about the bridge's barriers.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the federal investigation.

Two NTSB investigators are set to arrive in Maryland Thursday to determine if the bridge meets nationwide safety standards.

Friday's terrifying accident sends a car plummeting off the Bay Bridge, and sparks calls for change.

"Off the bridge! The car fell 40 feet. Thank God the passenger survived," said Senator Barbara Mikulski.

On Capitol Hill, Senator Barbara Mikulski demands a federal investigation, saying people are scared the Bay Bridge isn't safe.

"It could have been somebody elderly. There could have been babies in that car. It doesn't matter. You cannot fall 40 feet off a bridge being tail ended by a truck and think it's okay," Mikulski said.

NTSB investigators will now look at the physical structure of the bridge and the traffic patterns for both day and peak travel times.

AAA Mid-Atlantic has also called for a thorough investigation into the safety barriers on the bridge.

Drivers who spoke with WJZ say this latest accident makes them nervous.

"If somebody is being pushed off the bridge, obviously, the rails are insufficient to protect us people that drive across the bridge on a regular basis," said Mike DePrince, driver.

They welcome any safety upgrades that prevent another scene like the one Friday.

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In a statement, the Maryland Transportation Authority said:

"We welcome the NTSB's involvement in our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of motorists crossing the Bay Bridge. We are constantly looking for ways to make crossing the span as safe as possible. From major physical upgrades to public information efforts designed to target distracted driving and speeding, our customers should know that we are committed to their safety and that we will work closely with NTSB staff during their investigation. We appreciate Senator Barbara Mikulski's advocacy on this issue, including her call for NTSB to look into this accident."

An estimated 28 million vehicles crossed the Bay Bridge last year.

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