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National Guard, Coast Guard Prepare To Assist With Emergency Operations When Hurricane Sandy Hits Md.

BALTIMORE (WJZ)-- As Hurricane Sandy barrels over the Atlantic, emergency officials in Maryland are preparing for the impact of the super storm.

Jessica Kartalija has more on how emergency responders are getting ready for Sandy.

The National Guard is preparing to help with emergency services, mainly on the Eastern Shore. They're getting ready to help emergency crews including providing shelter, medical support and evacuations, if necessary.

As Sandy makes her way to the East Coast, the Maryland Army National Guard prepares for the worst.

"Preparation is key. Making sure we've analyzed where the storm could have the most significant impact in Maryland, and then making sure that our resources are aligned to meet the needs," Major Gen. James Adkins of the Maryland Army National Guard said.

Troops will mobilize in areas along the Eastern Shore to provide support for emergency officials.

"The Guard does not operate independently," Major Gen. Adkins said. "The beauty of how we respond is to make sure that first responders, police, firemen, emergency medical technicians have the support they need, resources that the Guard can provide them so that they can do their job."

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In Curtis Bay, the Coast Guard is monitoring who is going in and out of the harbor.

"The Port of Baltimore is open for business, but as the storm approaches, we may be changing our plans accordingly," LCDR Christopher Pisares of the U.S. Coast Guard said.

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The goal is for all to work preemptively and be in position before the storm arrives.

"With a storm of this nature, we're concerned about flooding. Making sure that our vehicles are available to get law enforcement or firefighters across flooded areas or to do evacuations," Major Gen. Adkins said.

The U.S. Coast Guard reminds residents not to get out on the water if it is not necessary.

The Maryland National Guard said they will be on standby in case any state emergency officials need any additional assistance.

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